Finding a Campsite That Lets You Ride

Finding excellent terrain for motocross is not always easy, and definitely not always close by. Some of the best terrain is out in the wilderness, and hard to get to. Luckily, a lot of these ideal motocross locales have campsites nearby, making the trip well worth your while.

What to Look for in a Motocross Friendly Campsite

If you are considering a motocross weekend at a campsite, you and your buddies are in for a great time. Many are designed just for riders like you with tracks nearby. Call ahead and ask if they have facilities available that are off road friendly. If no, ask how far from the camping grounds will you find tracks or trails.

As for the camping side, you should ask for at least a water hook up. Electricity may be done without for a few nights if you have a good flashlight and know how to build a fire – or else bring your trusty gas burning stove. Make sure that there is plenty of room for all of your friends, or book two sites that are side by side.

What Should You Bring if You are Camping for a Motocross Weekend?

You want to make sure that you are comfortable at your campsite, so bring along a roomy family sized tent. These give you enough space to stand up in and move around freely. If it rains where you are going to be camping, look for one with an awning on the outside to keep your shoes dry without having to pull them inside.

Check review site for the best family sized tents available. You want one that is waterproof and durable. Also look into sleeping bags, as you are going to want to have one of those too for sleeping in.

Cooking and eating at a campsite is not as hard as people think. Bring along a camping stove and a good supply of hot dogs and hamburger meat. Bratwurst and sausage also grill nicely on a camping stove and go perfectly with your motocross themed weekend.

Going out for Rides

Make sure that you know exactly where the trails for off road riding are in relation to your campsite. It wouldn’t hurt to bring along a compass to help in case you do lose your way. If it’s a bit far, consider bringing along provisions so that you don’t have to worry about finding food and drink while you are at the tracks.


Walk the terrain first to get an idea of what you are getting yourself in for before hopping on your bike. Remember, you are not close to civilization, and if you or one of your friends does get hurt it might be a long way to the hospital. Avoid this by checking first for any hazards.

What makes camping so awesome is that you are also going to have the chance to do other things off of your bike. Most campsites have different types of activities, like hiking, fishing and swimming that you and your friends can take part in after done for the day with the bikes.

Consider camping when you are looking for places to kick your motocross into high gear. You will get an onslaught of new experiences that will beat hanging out at your normal track anyday.

Dealing With a Bike Injury – Do You Know a Good Ultrasound Tech?

We don’t like to think about it, but sometimes motocross gets us hurt, and bad. Especially if you are not wearing the right kind of equipment. Cuts and scrapes are common, but you can also break a bone or even your head. Here’s some tips on how to prevent injury, and what type of treatment to expect when you can’t.


The Right Protective Equipment

When riding motocross you need to think about your whole body from head to toe. Start with the helmet, is it old? If so, splurge on a new motorcycle helmet. How does it fit? You should not be able to fit your finger between your scalp and the inside of the helmet and it should not be able to slide around once the chin strap is in place.

A tight shirt and pants should also be worn as well as sturdy boots. This will prevent any clothes from getting caught up in the mechanics of your bike. You may also want shin and arms guards to protect your skin in case you fall off on rough terrain.


Head injuries are the number one reason why a bike rider gets benched. Varying in severity, falling off your bike and hitting your head can cause a minor headache or a major concussion. Never take any chances if you fall or are thrown off of a bike, but seek immediate medical attention.

An emergency physician is going to do a number of tests to check for any brain dysfunction, including looking into your eyes and asking you obvious questions. If they have reason to suspect a serious injury, they will send you to an sonographer, or ultrasound technician.

An ultrasound technician has a specialized imaging machine that allows them to see inside of the skull and look at the brain. Their training at ultrasound technician school allows for them to identify swelling and brain bleeds that are affecting your well being. This they will share with your doctor, who will then make a plan for your treatment.

If you break a bone falling off of your bike, you will know it. But sprains or fractures may be harder to note. If the area becomes blue and swollen, there is a good chance that it needs medical assistance. Have a friend take you to the nearest emergency room before more damage is done in the area.

Motocross is not exactly a safe sport, and you should always be prepared to handle the worst case scenario. Start with protecting yourself all over, but always see a doctor if you do fall and get hurt.

Capturing Your Moves on Video

How many times have you been riding, pulled off a great stunt, only to realize that no one saw it? And of course that was a once in a lifetime move that you will never be able to pull off again. To avoid this from happening, every event that you are participating in should be video taped, and by a professional.

Practices and Informal Meets

Of course you are not going to bring out a pro for every time you hop you on your bike, but with every cell phone equipped with a camera, it shouldn’t be hard to find people that record them casually. This is not more than just turning on the camera feature and then pointing the phone towards the action while you and your friends practice.

Formal Meets and Championship Events

You should consider hiring professional photographers and videographers when you are going to be a part of a major motocross event. You never know when you, or someone else is going to hit unsurpassed heights of greatness in riding, and you want someone reliable to make sure the moment is not only caught on tape, but that it is done right. These types of events always push riders to their ultimate performance level and anything can happen.

Choosing the Pro

You probably won’t find a professional videographer that you can afford who specializes in motocross. You may however find a wedding photographer who would love the opportunity to try something else. And professionals will also know how to pull a great still shot out of a video taped event.

To save on cost, find someone local. If you are going to a meet in Calgary, look specifically for a Calgary wedding videographer. This way you won’t be charged extra for any travel costs. Plus, a Calgary wedding videographer is already familiar with the area and may have had jobs before at the meet site. This will give them an even better perspective of from where and how to get the best video coverage of the event.

Is This Over Kill?

Absolutely not if you are considering a pro career. Video of your riding can be posted to You Tube to get you exposure. Or if you are thinking about asking for sponsorship sending in a video of your tricks will get you noticed. And by having done by a professional Calgary wedding photographer, your level of commitment and seriousness about your sport will show.

Keep track of your moves and make professional tapes of your meets to bring a level of seriousness to your motocross events. You always want to have the best of your hard work recorded if you have any intention of taking motocross on as a career.

Great Outdoor Sports to Go With Your Motocross

You already know that motocross is an exciting sport to get involved in. As far as outdoor adventure sports are concerned, this one falls at the top of the list. But you can’t stay on the bike forever. Next time take the ride to another sporting event and spend some time off of your bike.

Paint Ball

paintball-sport-d-equipeThis is the ultimate way for a motocross rider to let off some steam. Simulated war scenarios are set up, you and your friends are given loaded firearms and can either battle each other or another team. Of course the ammo is paint, not bullets, but it is still fun to make that final brightly colored “kill”. Like motocross, make sure you have the right equipment and protect your head and body. If hit up close, globs of paint propelled from an UZI will hurt.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can help you build up some strength and learn a new skill. You can find many set up outside that let you feel like you are climbing the real thing. This is a something you can do by yourself or with a group of friends and a great way to burn off some of that pent up energy you have after a ride. Just make sure that you have the right gear and especially protect your head. It’s a long way down to fall if you aren’t careful.


Toss a recurve bow and arrows on the back of your bike and head out to the archery range. This may seem like a boring sport after the excitement of motocross, but it is actually a great way to calm your nerves. Pulling back your recurve bow and taking perfect aim requires precision and attention that will force you to focus and clear your mind. This can relax you after a motocross event and help to slow down all of that adrenaline – just make sure you’re using the right equipment, which you can research over at


Fishing is not the old man sport that most young guys think it is. Nor is it just luck. Fishing is an acquired skill that takes a ton of patience and even practice to get it right. Just ask anyone who has ever had to flounder with a flounder in the bay to get it up inside of the boat. Plus, if you are successful you just caught dinner. Try out fishing when you need a break from motocross but still want to chill out outside.

There is a lot going on outside besides motocross events. You need to start exploring other things to do in your downtime to help clear your head and relax your body. Riding around on your bike puts a physical strain on your body that you don’t even realize. If you still want to stay outside but need to get off of your bike for awhile, there is a whole world of other sports out there for you to try.


Motocross Riding – Such A Great Sport Even for Novices!

If you are a motorbike enthusiast and you love performing stunts with your bike or just experimenting something more than just the ordinary, you can definitely enjoy Motocross riding as a sport. You don’t really have to be an expert at first as there will always be a beginner. All you have to do is to is to be open to challenges and at the same time have the heart of a racer.

The first thing that you should consider when it comes to riding and racing motorbikes is observing. You have to keep in mind that even if you have the skill to drive these two wheeled mode of transportation, you should as well learn how to drive such bikes correctly and eventually learn how to race. You also want to take note of the people whom you can talk to with regards to this motorbike riding experience. Expert racers can as well give you tips on how you can be a professional racer in this field. Check out the video below for just one of the countless types of learning materials out there.

What To Do If You Are A Novice

As from what was mentioned before, observing what the experts do and getting tips from them is the best way for novices to learn Motocross. However, aside from this it is also important that you put your observations into practice. It is necessary that you practice tricks and strategies that you learn to be able to ride safely and compete at the same time. As most people would say, with enough practice is perfection.

Now, when practicing do not forget that you will still need to wear the usual motorbike protective gears that you wear. Wear the safest head gear or helmet that you can get as well as protective pads and all that to keep you safe from any possible harm that may take place. If you were to purchase equipment for your motorbike, make sure that you get spare parts from a trusted dealer to make sure that your motorbike is safe to use for practice.

As you can see, safety is very important when it comes to Motocross riding. This is why it is also important that you get to mingle with enthusiasts of this sport as you will be able to learn more about safety measures especially when you are on the road. Now if you choose to join Motocross events that may require you to migrate outside the country temporarily, you should as well keep in mind to speak to an immigration lawyer regarding this so you can expand your options.

Motocross Safety Equipment and Helmets

Motocross safety gear has come a long ways with style comfort and new products since the sixties when motocross became popular. The normal required safety gear in the sixties were a helmet, boots, and goggles. In the modern era of racing the required safety gear has not changed a lot but there are a lot more products available to protect the every day rider. The styles have also change to compete with the demand of looking stylish while riding or racing. The variety also has become user friendly offering not only helmets, goggles and boots but knee braces, neck braces, long protective pants, long sleeve air flow jerseys, chest protectors and gloves.

These products have evolved over time and have become more protective to prolong a racers career and help protect the rider from injury. There is not a product out there that can totally prevent a racer or rider from injury but using all the products can surely help. With the ever changing track, with all the jumps, bumps and turns a rider needs to be able to move freely to absorb the bumps and to turn the dirt bike in the direction that he wants to go. Nascar seems a little safer because you can be strapped into your seat and not be able to move in a crash. In motocross when you impact the ground, you typically tumble and bounce around causing broken bones. Neck braces seem to be the new product that everyone is trying to get their hands on.

The activity has some innate risks, which is why you need to go out of your way to purchase and wear the best of the bunch when it comes to your equipment – even if you’re buying a cheap motorcycle helmet and gear that will keep you safe. While there are some optional pieces of equipment in most activities, there is one that is truly not optional in motocross and that is the helmet. The helmet is what is going to keep an accident from being a tragedy, so before you ever get on your bike you need to have a helmet that will protect your head and face in the event of an accident. There are a lot of cool motocross helmets, but unfortunately you’ll never be able to get something quite as hardcore or badass as Shoei’s RF1200 offering for street bikes.

With the bikes getting faster which allows the rider to go even faster on the bike, there is a trend of broken necks over the past few years because of hard impacts when crashing. These neck braces are made to go around the neck under your helmet. They are there to stop your helmet from being pushed too far forward, back or side to side which would create neck strain and trauma. The brace cannot totally prevent a neck injury to happen but any protective gear seems to help in one way or another. Some riders are tending to pass on using the neck brace. Any rider that has been hurt over their time riding a bike should be smart enough to want to use every precaution possible to protect themselves from a serious injury like a broken neck, or even death. Even though these protective products have come a long way in protecting us, there is still no way of avoiding an injury at some time or another.

Motocross as a family event

Sometimes a person’s pastimes can interfere with their family life. Your passion for motocross might risk taking precious time away from your family. Kids grow up fast, and nobody wants to miss out on their child’s milestone moment. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your hobbies. Motocross especially can be something for the whole family to enjoy.

motocross for families

How can you get your family interested in motocross?

Motocross races and events can be great ways to bond with the whole family over something that everybody can get interested in. It’s a great way to get kids interested in motorcycles at an early age, and kids are sure to love the speed, thrill, and adventure of motocross. Motocross is cool! Take your kids to a motocross race and before you know it, they might be begging you for a dirt bike of their own.

There are actually many dirt bikes made especially for kids. Dirt biking is an excellent and safe way to get kids involved in motocross. Any kid would love to go have a dirt bike of their own. There are a lot of indoor and outdoor tracks that you and your family can visit to get a taste of it. A lot of these places have rentals, which means that you don’t have to run out and buy one. Use Google to find one near you. They’re lightweight and only go so fast, so the risk of injury is low. (Just make sure they always wear a helmet!) ATVs are also a lot of fun for any kid.

Even if your spouse is not willing to hop on the back of your bike with you, you can probably convince them to come with you and the kids to a race or to one of many motocross events across the country. It can be a great way to get out of the house, and a fun event for a weekend. You could always compromise and agree to do something they want to do if they come with you.

There are a lot of great motocross events across the country. Companies like Monster and Red Bull host Motocross events in most major cities in the nation. You can see a schedule of many of these events here. With a little research on the internet, you can probably find an event coming to your area sometime soon.

If you’d rather stay in with the comforts of home, you can always watch motocross on the TV. This is a great (free) way to get your family interested in the sport. Click here to see a schedule of TV motocross events.

If you live in California, you might want to make it out to the TransWorld Motocross SLAM Festival held every year at Lake Elsinore. This is an awesome event for the whole family to get out and enjoy some motocross. The event is free, and has activities for everybody. There’s an open track for riding, a learning area of the kids, and tons of motocross vendors, prizes, and giveaways. The festival also gives you a chance to watch the TransWorld SLAM race, which features professional motocross racers.

Best bikes for motocross

3639410_sMotocross is one of the most exciting sports ever invented by man. It’s great fun to watch, and even more fun to do. This sport dates back to the early 1900s, and has evolved quite a ways since then. As the sport has developed, so have the bikes that are used for it. Everyone is bound to have their opinion on the best motocross bike. Here’s a list of five popular motocross bikes that really stand out. There’s something on the list for everyone, from beginners to pro racers.

1. The Kawasaki KX

The Kawasaki KX is considered one of the best and strongest bikes out there. The KX is very popular with pro racers, who complement its acceleration, hit, and delivery. This is a very fast bike with a strong suspension to support it. It is big, so it needs to be steered from the rear. It has one of the best motors of any motocross bikes on the market, but the exhaust is extremely loud. Some components may be easily worn out, so it may take a lot of maintenance to keep up with this bike.

2. The Honda CRF450

Honda’s 450 class bikes are infamous among amateur motocross racers. This bike is popular with beginners because of its easy handling. It has a light suspension and a twin-spar aluminum frame. This bike will can get up to some high speeds fast. Honda makes the bike tighter and more compact every year, and there are a lot of models you can choose from. The popular opinion seems to be that you can’t go wrong with any of them.

3. Yamaha YZ125

The Yamaha YZ125 is the perfect bike for off-road racing. Racers love its light handling and power-to-weight ratio. This bike is small, but makes up for it in its engine. It can go faster, and is less expensive than some of the bigger bikes. The YZ 2-strokes have easier maintenance than some bikes, which means these bike can be less costly in the end. Riders say that the parts stay in good shape even after extensive use. People have a lot of fun on this bike. The price makes it a competitive choice for beginners.

4. Suzuki RM-Z450

This a great model from Suzuki. These bikes have a cool aesthetic and a real nice look to them. They are on the bigger side, and have nice power that will rev up to high speeds fast. They’re nice to ride: comfortable, good turning, smooth feel. It’s great on corners and responds fast and accurately to the rider. The suspension is good for jumps and landings, although this means that the strokes can get worn out and may need more maintenance, but the great feedback makes up for it. On the whole, this is a great bike.

5. KTM 450

The KTM 450 has a very strong motor with a convenient electric start. It’s got a powerful engine and can deliver tons of torque in a short period of time. It’s fast, and riders note its rapid acceleration. It handles well for a bike its size and corners nicely. Riders say that the suspension holds well on bumps but can be stiff. It’s a big bike, and is not an ideal choice for a lightweight rider or a beginner. It rides high and the handles vibrate.

Introduction to Motorcycling (for Women)

How can women get started riding motorcycles?

Obviously, the first thing to do, whether you are a man or a woman, is learn to ride! You should be able to figure out fairly quickly whether motorcycling is right for you or not once you’ve gotten out there on the road. Luckily, learning how to ride a motorcycle is easier than ever these days, as most retail motorcycle stores offer beginner’s lessons. An expert instructor will help you get comfortable behind a bike. This will help you get your bearings. The bikes that are used in lessons are light weight and easy to maneuver, so don’t worry about the bike falling over. Your instructor will make sure that you are safe.

As a beginner, you should start off practicing during hours of the day that the roads are mostly empty. Empty parking lots are always a good place to practice. Approach learning to ride a motorcycle in the same way you approached learning to drive a car. Avoid highways until you are very confident on a bike, as they can be very intimidating for anybody. As you start to pick up the basics, you may want to find an experienced rider to mentor you – somebody who can show you little tips and tricks that you may not have picked up yet. This is sure to boost your confidence, and it’s always nice to have somebody to ride with.

The market is full of women’s biking gear, from pink motorcycles to special women’s jackets. That said, there are really no major difference between a man and a women’s biking gear. There’s no reason a woman cannot ride the same bike or use the same gear as a man, aside from fashion style and body differences. There are, of course, different styles and fashions between men and women riders (although to an outsider, the looks may be similar). Creating an outfit for riding is an exciting part of starting to ride a bike. Let’s face it – it’s the perfect excuse to look really cool. You should look around on the internet and at retail motorcycle stores to figure out what your personal motorcycling chic will be.

Once you’re ready to buy a bike, you will want to make sure to have your bike customized for your own height and weight. Everybody is different, in terms of weight, height, and preferences. Make sure you figure out how much legroom is right for you before you make the investment in a bike. Some ladies choose to have the seat lowered, but that’s your choice. Experiment with different seat heights to see how low to the ground you want to be. Most bike dealers (like Harley Davidson) will customize any bike you buy from them for you, for both men and women.

Harley Davidson Retailers host special events for women who are new to motorcycling. These “Garage Parties” are really helpful for a beginner trying to get her feet on the ground in the motorcycling world. “Garage Parties” are aimed creating a community of female bikers in areas throughout the country and helping women who are new to the world of motorcycles learn the ropes. Of course, you should be prepared to hear a lot of advertisements for Harley Davidsons.


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